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Based in the UK, the Hoplite Association was formed in 2001 as the world’s first re-enactment society solely dedicated to recreating the life and experiences of the Classical Greek period. The benefits of being a dedicated group have enabled us to develop a wide variety of characters, activities and demonstrations for our historical displays, which we undertake at various sites across the country during the re-enactment season. Details of these can be found on the events calendar.

The hoplite was the heavy armed citizen soldier of the classical Greek city states, derived from the word ‘hoplon’, meaning arms. But although we are called the 'Hoplite' Association, we focus on all military activities within the Greek sphere of influence from 490 to 430 BC, the period spanning the Persian to the Peloponnesian wars. As such our members include peltasts (light armed troops), ekdromoi (skirmishers), psiloi (slingers) Scythians and even the odd Persian! There are also a wide range of civilian roles, from tradespeople to homemakers and farmers and of course, slaves. Examples and an extensive portfolio of living history illustrations and guidance can be found on our sister site, www.4hoplites.com

While the Hoplite Association exists primarily for the edification and enjoyment of both its members and the public, it is also grounded in the principles of interpretive archaeology. Through academic research, shared experience and the diverse array of trades and skills represented in the association, we have come to the forefront of understanding  in the interpretation of all aspects of ancient Greek life and military activity during our period. Where the answers elude us, we can and do explain where the flaws in our understanding lie and how we have come to realise they exist in the first place. We’ve not always got it right, but precisely because we learn by doing we are able to offer support and guidance to those just starting out at re-enactment – we’ve already made all the mistakes for you!

Photographs of HA members have been used as reference images in publications such as the Osprey series, as well as magazines such as Armchair General. We are also available for photo shoots, TV and film work, both in the capacity of re-enactors and in advisory roles, including the training of extras and the manufacture and design of equipment. A number of members are also available for school visits, where classical studies can be brought to life with a combination of 'show-and-tell', presentations and demonstrations.

If you are interested in talking to us about involvement in your event, please follow the appropriate link below and you will be contacted with details of availability and any costs involved.

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