Odyssey 2007

August Bank Holiday once again saw an intrepid little band of members attend Military Odyssey in Kent for another full and very rewarding time.

With only one member not staying on the living history site, we really managed to develop that lived in feel (and smell) by the end of the weekend. Better than that, we also managed to stage a large number of activities that would prove difficult if we had been closing the site each day. The most impressive of these was building a smelting kiln above ground, and then casting bronze arrowheads on the Saturday. All credit to Matthew and his skills for this, but the rest of us supplied the 'wind' for the bellows, so we did our part too. However, by all accounts, the biggest wind supplier was Kelly....

Other demonstrations included weaving utilising Syreeta's skills, cookery, childrens' games and storytelling, the latter delivered by Elaine and held in the big tent. This proved so popular that we struggled to make all the little darlings leave! So pleased they enjoyed it though.

Of course we did the usual hoplite drill and display, livened up by a bout of archery to demonstrate the protective quality of the armour.... thanks, Mark, for being such a good sport.

The most moving moment, however, came at the end of the final display of Hoplites and Scythians. Taking centre stage in front of the crowd, Ash told a little tale of how he manages re-enactmentment with his private life... then promptly fell on one knee and proposed to Pat!

There was a sudden intake of breath around the audience...

... Pat said yes.

The crowd went wild! Many, many congratulations to both of them.

We'll get Pat into a Greek dress yet!!!





Smelting kiln