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Autumn Market Dates:

26th - 28th October - Original Living History Fair

Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Bath Lane, Bruntingthorpe, LE17 5QS

9th - 11th November - The Original Reenactors Market (TORM)

Sports Connexion, Leamington Road, R yton on Dunsmore, CV 8 3FL



Bronze Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts

In September 2012, the Royal Academy of Arts will present Bronze, a landmark exhibition that celebrates the remarkable historical, geographical and stylistic range of this enduring medium. If HA members would be interested in going to see it, this could form a nice off-season group outing. Exhibition runs from 15 September - 9 December 2012. Details here.


John Coates Memorial Lecture on the Greek Trireme

On Tuesday 11th October two members of the HA attended the John Coates memorial lecture on triremes, given by Professor Boris Rankov at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution. Read the full report by Ashley Holt to learn more about this fascinating talk, and for the latest news about the reconstructed trireme Olympias.



The HA supports Paul Cartledge Lecture: “Sparta – Totalitarian or not?”

On Wednesday 5th October Professor Paul Cartledge hosted a talk entitled “Sparta – Totalitarian or not?” at the Royal Grammar School in High Wycombe. The Hoplite Associate were invited to attend in kit to provide support, and Ashley Holt kindly volunteered to help. Read the full report to find out more.


Marathon event website now online

The Marathon event website is now up, and contains information about proposed activites, schedules, and arrangements for camping. Please note that the registration is PER GROUP and the HA has already registered, so PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER YOUR INDIVIDUAL ATTENDANCE ON THIS SITE. If you are one of those who has expressed an intention to participate but not yet confirmed, please inform the Exec of your plans as soon as they are definite so that numbers can be adjusted accordingly.


Beach at Marathon - proposed camp site


Jeff gets to grips with the ancient Olympic sport of Pankration

Some time ago, Jeff Tribe suggested the HA stage a pankration contest at an event in 2012 to tie in with the Olympics. Not surprisingly, there were few takers, but not discouraged Jeff determined to find out more about this ancient form of wrestling. He soon discovered that the sport is indeed alive and kicking (and punching, throwing etc.) in the 21st century. Read the full article to find out what happened when Jeff took on the challenge of becoming a modern pankratiast.

Christian Cameron's new historical novel out 18th August 2011

Marathon: Freedom or Death, is book two of the Long War series. It comes out in Hardback on 18th August 2011 and is available to pre-order from Amazon at a promotional price of £7.49.

The first book in the Long War series, Killer of Men, is now out in paperback and available to order from Amazon at a promotional price of £4.33. It is also on promotion at Asda and WHSmith, besides being available from Waterstone's and all other major booksellers. 

I am currently engrossed in book one of his Tyrant series - set in 333BC, it follows exiled Athenian cavalry officer and veteran of Alexander's army, Kineas, as he attempts to train the city cavalry of Olbia to withstand the threat of Macedon. My main reason for reading it is because it heavily features the Scythians, and I must say it is helping me to identify with my Scyth character and bring their culture to life. Highly recommended reading.

We're also told that Christian will be happy to sign books at Marathon in September!



According to Online Agora, the discussion forum of the historical novelist and Greek reenactor Christian Cameron, the Marathon anniversary event in Athens is back on! The Canadian group Christian belongs to, Taxeis Plataion, are all set to fly out for a 3 day event taking place from Friday 9th - Sunday 11th September 2011. We'll post more details as soon as we have them, but if you'd potentially like to participate please email us to register your interest and we can start looking into feasibility and costs!

Watch Christian talk about Greek reenactment and plans for Marathon on youtube

Christian Cameron


Spartan Race in 2011

Dates for the Spartan Race in 2011 are published on their website. There are four UK events:

24th July – Cambridge
13th August – Exeter
4th September – Yorkshire
16th October – London

If any members would like to go along in kit to provide support and represent the HA, please get in touch with Ash. For more information, see


Proposed changes to Cosmeston Mediaeval Village

The Vale Council has proposed to change Cosmeston Village to a free entry site, which will entail the loss of staff and an end to the annual multi period event the HA has always attended in May. For more information, you can read the article in the Penarth Times. 


Intrepid HA members brave the elements to attend the Spartan Race in support of Help for Heroes

On Sunday 19th September, Aeschylus of Elusis (Ash Holt) and Theolytas of Koronta (Jeff Tribe) braved a very cold and windy Bassingbourn Barracks in Cambridgeshire to support ‘Help for Heroes’ via The Spartan Race event.

The HA had been approached to attend in order to add some colour to this event, which is marketed as a fun but tough run of approximately 5 miles. Contestants, many in fancy dress, run a military obstacle course with additional burning oil pits to jump, thorn bushes to squeeze though, press ups, pull ups, water filled tunnels (over 100m long), and runs through flooded ditches. The race finishes with a dash through a geodesic dome guarded by two ‘Spartans’ (see 300 for authenticity notes) armed with large foam sticks which they used to pummel the runners.

Many runners wanted their photo taken with ‘real’ hoplites, so it was nice that the HA’s authenticity was recognised. And despite the many muddy, sweating competitors, Aeschylus and Theo stoically ‘embraced’ their duty and consented to be hugged and photographed. Had they charged per photo, they would have been able to dedicate a small statue to Nike at Olympia.

Full details of the event are available on the website: The organisers are anticipating 8 events around the country next year and have asked if the Hoplite Association would be interested in supporting again. Watch this space for details.

Ash and Jeff also took the opportunity to pay their respects at Paul Allens’ grave, which was nearby. It has a very attractive carved wooden marker, very much in keeping with Paul’s ethos. It remains a beautiful and peaceful place.









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